Rotary Actuators

The Rotary Actuator consists of a small-angle, permanent magnet stepper motor coupled with a Harmonic Drive Speed reducer, with a large rotating flange output member. The family of Rotary Actuators is based on heritage design with a wide range of step sizes available. Options include: Stepper or Brushless DC Motor, Direct Drive or Gear Transmission, and several options for position feedback such as optical encoders, resolvers, potentiometers, and hall effect sensors.

High Gear Ratio M8 Rotary Incremental Actuator

The High Torque M8 rotary incremental actuator is compact, closely integrated design made up of two key elements: a motor and a multi-stage speed reducer. The motor is a small angle permanent magnet stepper with relatively high holding torque. The multi-stage speed reducer offers a large reduction ratio (6400:1), low weight, zero backlash and high torsional stiffness. Co-axial nesting of the motor and transmission drive elements gives the unit low profile geometry. The actuator can be made available in two and three phase motors with optional features such as potentiometer/resolver output position feedback. All of the electrical elements such as motors and position sensors can be redundant with little or no change in actuator envelope.

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Micro3 Rotary Incremental Actuator

High Torque/Small Angle Rotary Incremental Actuator

Model HT1 Rotary Incremental Actuator

Type M8 Rotary Incremental Actuator

Ultra-Performance Type 3 Actuator and Gimbal

Ultra Fine Angle Rotary Incremental Actuators

Model Type 1 Rotary Incremental Actuator