Type 3 Rotary Incremental Actuator

The Type 3 actuator is one of our more popular designs, with hundreds of units delivered and successfully operating in space. The standard design is based on the Moog heritage actuator concept, a compact coaxially nested motor and harmonic drive gear system. The most popular version incorporates a potentiometer for position sensing with a redundant three phase motor. As with all Moog actuator products, incorporating optional equipment based on the application is possible. This flexible design can accommodate hard stops, 2 or 3 phase stepper motors, brushless DC motors, a variety of position sensors, cable management systems or other application-specific options. These actuators are commonly used in Antenna Pointing Mechanism applications. The actuators can be incorporated into a biaxial gimbal configuration to fit any application. Contact Moog application engineers for assistance with actuator selection and design options.



Key Features:

  • Compact coaxially nested motor and harmonic drive provides fine resolution
  • Can accommodate 2 and 3 phase motors
  • Low weight
  • Zero backlash
  • Optimized for low power consumption
  • Small angle permanent magnet stepper provides relatively high holding and running torque



Parameter Units Basis                             Data                                 

Output Step Angle

Degrees Standard 0.009375
Steps/Revolution - Standard 38,400
Harmonic Drive ratio - Standard 160:1
Motor Step Angle Degrees Standard 1.5
Max. Output Step Rate Step/Sec (Deg/Sec) Maximum 350 (3.28)
Torsional Stiffness lb-in/rad Typical 140,000
N-m/rad Typical 15,800
Shaft Load Capability Axial lb Maximum 2,500
N Maximum 11,000
Traverse Load Capability lb Maximum 2,100
N Maximum 9,400
Moment Load Capability lb-in Maximum 1800
N-m Maximum 203
Moment Stiffness lb-in/rad Typical 370,000
Power Watts Typical 14
Inertial Capability Kg-m2 Typical 35
High 100
Output Torque lb-in Typical 350
N-m Typical 39.5
Holding Torque: Powered lb-in Typical 500
  Typical 56.5
Holding Torque: Unpowered lb-in Typical 300
N-m Typical 33.9
Total Assembly Weight (with potentiometer) lb Typical 4.2
kg Typical 2

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