Test Controllers and Software

Easily Configurable. Reliable Results. Impressive Value.

Our approach is to build maximum flexibility, ease of use, and unprecedented reliability into our hardware and software auto and aerospace test subsystems. From our unique force-loop model to failsafe measures to protect the test article to advanced interconnect networks use Moog Test Controllers and Software with your bottom line in mind. 


Test Controller Systems and Software

Test Controller

Moog Test Controller can be easily configured to fit your needs - because no two test labs are the same. 

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Aerospace Test Controller

Moog delivers the flexibility, innovation, and trusted solutions you need for a smart approach to aerospace testing. 

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Integrated Test Suite

The software enables one to set up and run more tests faster and more efficiently anywhere in the world due to optimal algorithms and state-of-the-art workflow.

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Test Software Modules

Integrated Test Suite gives you access to all modules: Runner, Replication, Sinesweep, and Random Vibration, and specific advanced features as required.

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