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A Customizing Movement

Article in Product Design and Developments - Many companies are turning to customized solutions


Actuator Maintenance is Linchpin for Producing Power

Turbines at power plants are demanding applications for actuators and servo valves because motion control is the key to machine performance and safety.

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Adaptive Control Techniques Advance Automatic Welding

As appeared in the August 2010 issue of Welding Journal magazine Smarter welding control technology simulates human decision-making skills

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Aerospace Testing - Airframe and Helicopter Fatigue Test

Most complex airframe fatigue test programs undertaken by any facility in the world, helicopter fatigue tests on the rotor blades

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An Injection of Innovation

Article in Motion System Hydraulics and Pneumatics - Hybrid drive unit overcomes limitations of electrics and hydraulics

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Best Products of the Year 2001

Article in Design News - Moog's digital interface valve

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CANopen Fieldbus Comes to Proportional Hydraulics

Article in Motion System Hydraulics and Pneumatics - Proportional valves with CANopen interface mark a new era of valve design

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Closed-Loop Control Improves Die-Casting Performance

Article in Hydraulics and Pneumatics - Faster cycle time and improved quality

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Consider the Advantages of Digital Hydraulic Valves

Article in Motion System Hydraulics and Pneumatics - Consider the advantages of digital hydraulic valves

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Control Under Pressure

Article in Racecar Engineering - Describing a Moog valve and why has it become an essential part of Formula 1 technology over the last quarter of a century

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Designing for Wind Turbine Reliability

Advancements in motion control are pivotal to delivering greater system reliability and serviceability as wind turbines grow larger and move offshore.

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Digital Hydraulic Valves Gaining Momentum

Article in Design News - Distributed control is driving adoption

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Digital Hydraulics Extended to High-Flow Products

Article in Design News - Moog's D941 Series Servo Proportional Valve combines digital electronics with high flow capacities

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Digital Pump Appeals to Machine Makers

Article in Design News - Digital functionality with Moog's new RKP

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Direct-Drive Motor and Nonlinear Actuator boost Productivity of Electric Injection Unit

The Industrial Group of Moog Inc. Has Developed an Incection System for All-Electric Molding Machines.

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Dissecting High-Performance Electrohydraulic Valves

Article in Machine Design about Fluid Power - Things aren't black and white when choosing a servo or proportional valve

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Electric Actuators Deliver Energy Efficient, Low Maintenance Solutions

NASA - Tech Briefs: Challenge - Shift from hydraulic actuation towards electric actuation, especially in applications characterized by high degree of responsiveness, space constrints, high uptime/low maintenance, low energy consumption and minimal environmental impact

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Electrics Challenge Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Conflict in Motion: Electrics Challenge Hydraulics and Pneumatics


Electrifying the Feel of Flight

Article in Machine Desing about Motion Control - Electric actuators replace hydraulics in full-flight simulators

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Electrohydrostatic Actuation Modernizes Fluid Power

Hydraulic technology requires no hydraulic piping, boosting both reliability and environmental friendliness.

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FEA Peels Away Mysteries of Hydraulic Valves

Article in Design News - Combined methodologies yield new insight

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Feeling Fidelity - Developments in Control Loading

Article in Military Training and Simulation News - Current developments in the field of control loading

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Filtration Focus Fixes Faults

Article in Fluid Power in Action - Contamination through failures of hydraulic equipment and a possible solution filtration

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Formula One Racers go with Ultralight Hydraulics

Article in Hydraulics and Pneumatics - Car designers are weight watchers

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High Frequency Hexapod Testing

Hydraulic hexapod simulation table expands frequency range up to 100 Hz, increasing the speed, range and flexibility of automotive component testing.

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Hybrid System Offers Force and Efficiency

Article in Design News - Smaller, less leak-prone hydraulics provide power boost only when necessary

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Hydraulics at the Core of Largest-Ever Welder

A welding supplier found that the key to taking its joining technology to the next level lay not in the welding heads, but in a hydraulic servo support system.

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Injection System Combines Electric and Hydraulic Technologies

Article in Machine Design - The new PowerShot injection system from Moog, Inc.

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It's Time to Start Innovating

Article in Design News - U.S. needs game-changing ideas, not just cost-cutting

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Linear-Force Motors Enhance Proportional Valves

Article in Hydraulics and Pneumatics - Moog's D633 and D634 Series Servo-Proportional Valves

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Making Waves

Article in Design News - Moog's integrated servomotor/linear actuator or assembly cuts size and cost in water wave application

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Miniature Servovalves Go to the Races

Article in Design News - Characterization of the role of miniature servovalves in Formula 1 racing

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Moog Develops New Motion Base

The new electric motion base 6DOF payload platform features sealed actuators and six brushless motors.  The motion platform includes hardware improvements and a new Windows-based software to increase fidelity and create a more realistic simulation.

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New Drive System for Molding Machines

Article in Design News - Eccentric crank replaces ball screws

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New Machine Expands Friction Welding Applications

As appeared in the July 2010 issue in Design News magazine The world's largest friction welding machine uses advanced controls, servo hydraulics and a high-speed, closed-loop fieldbus for critical applications such as securing the blades on jet engines.

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New Variable Speed Pump Design Reduces Energy Use

As appeared in the October 2010 issue of Design News magazine Moog's integration of an electric motor and drive in a fixed displacement pump system provides lower total cost of ownership.

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Paper Mill Achieves Zero Valve Failure Rate Over 12-Year Period

Article in Timber Processing - Longetivity of equipment proves the value of a clean-filtration system

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Power in Motion - Driving Simulator

Driving Simulator Article at Daimler

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Precision handling with motion controller BMX-300

8-axis 64-bit RISC-processor controller extracts geometrically defined motion, so it can connect to any kind of robot. Double-precision floating point ensures precise wafer handling.

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Precision positioning with Motion controller (BX-300)

As appeared in the March 2010 issue of Motion System Design (MSD) magazine

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Proportional and Servo Valve Technology

Article in Fluid Power Journal - How proportional valves operate

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Putting Some Predictability into Wind Turbine Maintenance

As appeared in the September/October 2009 issue of North American Clean Energy Magazine An article on using low maintenace components such as fiber brush slip rings to mitigate the risk of unscheduled repairs in wind turbines.

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Repair Facilities

Article in Hydraulics and Pneumatics - Capabilty of Moog's repair service

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Retrofitting a Rotary Press to Better Productivity


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Roadway Barriers Go Electric

DC servo motor and ball screw replace hydraulics in barrier applications.

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Seneca Systems' Valve Applications Provide Efficiency, Higher Speeds

Article in Timber Processing - Moog D660 Series Valves

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Servo Unit Gives Electric Machines Hydraulic Punch

Article in Injection Molding Magazine - Moog's new PowerShot injection system

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Servocartridge Valves Improve Machine Performance

Article in Injection Molding Magazine - New Servocartridge Valves

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Servomotors and Drives Speed Robot Performance

Article in Machine Design - Eliminating the gearbox means fast starts and high reliability

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Simulation Technology - Motion Cueing Essentials

Article in Military Training and Simulation News - Movements in the motion market: New technologies and more reliability

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Stimson Lumber Switches to Moog Valves to Eliminate Frequent Failures

Article in Timber Processing - The Moog D660 Series

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Ten Tips to Tune Your Servo Hydraulic Machine for Profit-Making

Hydraulic systems require clean fluid, Check the results with the patch-count method, Filter new oil to meet the system requirements,

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The hazy line between servo and proportional valves

Article in Hydraulics and Pneumatics - Moog's G700 Series Proportional Directional-control Valve

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The Reliance on Wind Energy Depends on Advancements in Blade Pitch Control

The importance of technology is rising with the greater emphasis on reliability and availability in blade pitch control. ARC Insights points out how advancements in blade pitch control are vital to turbines performing at their best.

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Turbine Maintenanc at Dominion Virginia Power MaintWorld Article



Urbanisation, Climate Change to Drive Growth

Prasad Padman, Regional Director of Marketing, Asia Pacific at Moog, explains how climate change will drive growth and urbanisation in the future. His article for Business Times explains how infrastructure spend will increase, as will demand for commodities and clean systems.

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When the Wind Blows - Pitch Control Systems Turn

Article in Wind Energy - Importance of Pitch Control Systems in Wind Turbines

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