Rotary Actuators for Naval Systems

Moog's line of rotary electromechanical actuators offers products that are affordable, robust and designed for naval shipboard environments.  These actuator designs are based on Moog's product heritage in aerospace, military and industrial markets.  

Moog has the capability to design a solution to fit any Navy application.  Actuators can be provided in power ranges from fractional to over 100 horsepower.  One of Moog's strengths is designing actuation systems requiring precise motion control at high bandwidths.  Moog can provide the control systems engineering needed to tune the actuation system for optimal performance.


Subsea/Surface Fleet Rotary Actuators


Quiet Submarine Actuator

Provides rotary motion to open and close various ball valves on nuclear submarines. The actuator is designed to withstand harsh environments and meet the stringent submarine acoustic requirements.

Valve Actuator

Provides motion control to open and close various shipboard utility valves. The actuator is designed to withstand exposure to humidity, driving rain, salt fog & spray, sand & dust, solar radiation, and corrosive atmosphere. Available in a variety of slew angles, speeds, and torques.

High Performance Subsea Rotary Actuator


Moog’s Naval Systems Business Unit is the premier supplier of custom designed, high performance motion control solutions for mission critical undersea applications.

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Electrohydrostatic Actuation System

The roles, operating conditions and capabilities that are required of naval vessels are ever expanding, whilst its crew and signature must remain minimal. More powerful systems are being condensed in smaller volumes, thus creating challenges in terms of safety for the crew or survivability of the platform. Moog electrohydrostatic rotary actuation solves the challenges other systems cannot.

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Electrohydraulic Rotary Actuators

Moog’s quiet hydraulic rotary actuators are used across multiple Naval platforms globally.  Requirements for performance are based on envelope, environmental, structural and acoustic goals of the customers. The family of actuators are designed, produced and tested by Moog to meet and exceed the stringent goals set forth by Naval customers.

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