Products for Wind Turbines

The motion control challenges for wind turbines are particularly complex, ranging from assuring efficiency to increasing reliability and safety. Moog offers high-performance electric, hydraulic and hydrostatic products for higher performance, reduced operating costs and easy integration to next generation turbine designs.

Electro-Hydrostatic Pump Unit (EPU)

The Moog Electrohydrostatic Pump Unit (EPU) is the heart of a hybrid (combined electric and hydraulic) actuation system and that offers you some important benefits over traditional hydraulic or electric pitch control systems on your turbine. It provides the same easy mounting and commissioning as an electric systems but offers you the benefits of more fail safe opportunities, greater cylinder reliability and reduced possibilities of wear and backlash. It eliminates the need for a hydraulic power unit and complex piping while providing the high forces and compact integration normally associated with hydraulic actuation. The EPU has a unique compact product design with an interface that enables direct mounting on to a cylinder, thereby minimizing the requirement of additional space on each axis.   Work with our engineers to see the benefits this technology can offer your turbine. 

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Digital Control Servo Valves and Proportional Valves

Our D636 and D637 Proportional Valves are intelligent valves with microprocessors that can be used with analog or fieldbus interfaces (CANopen, Profibus DP or EtherCAT). With its high performance levels, long service life and easy maintenance, this servo valve meets world-class standards even in harsh environments.  Our Axis Control Valve version provides closed-loop pitch control in the valve so the PLC has less workload and your system's communication needs are low. Based on industry-leading technology, the servo valve has a robust design for a long service life while offering superior pitch control, remote maintenance capabilities and failsafe options.


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Radial Piston Pump

Moog delivers the Radial Piston Pump (RKP) as part of the Hydraulic Power Unit. The pump features low noise and provides longer service life. It is available with digital onboard electronics for remote maintenance and condition monitoring.

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