Servo Valves and Proportional Valves



The Moog Wind Turbine Pitch Valves for wind turbines are axis control servo valves that were developed specifically for the demanding requirements of onshore and offshore wind turbines. With its high performance levels, long service life and easy maintenance, this servo valve meets world-class standards. Based on industry-leading technology, the servo valve offers superior axis control, remote maintenance capabilities and advanced communication functions. Moog Global Support gives you the confidence that your pitch valve can be repaired or replaced quickly and easily anywhere in the world.

Advantages of the Moog Pitch Valves

  • Closed-loop pitch control by the servo valve means a PLC is not required and communication needs are low
  • Flexibility in firmware to meet the unique requirements of your installation
  • Multiple failsafe options
  • Powerful monitoring capabilities with field bus technology
  • Long life design reduces maintenance costs
  • Easy plug and play commissioning and replacement
  • Robust design proven in harsh environments


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