Linear Motion 

Moog linear technology provides a vast array of electromechanical solutions for any kind of application. Our products can generate rotary-to-linear or direct linear mechanical motion, to better adapt to the specific customer needs.

Linear Motors

Moog's linear motors come in various configurations and offer dynamic, precise linear motion positioning for all kinds of industrial applications, from factory automation to testing, robotics, packaging and many others. Options include ironless motors, motors with air and liquid cooling, available in a large power range to fit all needs.

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Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of ball, roller and inverted roller screws, Moog can provide products capable of delivering high torques and high precision movements while minimizing wear and tear and maintenance downtimes.

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Electro-Mechanical Actuators (EMA)

Moog can offer customers a comprehensive range of electro-mechanical actuators. Our vast expertise makes us uniquely qualified to approach each application, offering customers the best linear actuation solution for their needs.

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Sliding System Drives

Moog’s highly compact and top-performing Sliding System Drives are the perfect fit for demanding applications. They deliver accurate position detection, smooth operation and easily programmable parameters for fine control, in an extremely small space.

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