Fully customizable to meet all performance requirements, even for the most labor intensive applications, Moog screws are available in three different configurations. Choose the one that best answers to your needs.

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Ball Screws

A ball screw is a rolling system consisting of a threaded shaft (screw) and a nut containing in its thread a determined number of balls. The return of the balls that run in the nut during the rolling is permitted by one or more mechanical elements called liners.

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Planetary Roller Screws

A planetary roller screw is a rolling system consisting of a threaded shaft (screw) and a nut that contains a determined number of threaded rolls with gears on their ends.

The roller engages its threads with the screw and the nut and it is guided in its orbiting motion by two timing ring gears placed at each end of the nut.

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Inverted Roller Screws

An inverted roller screw works on the same principle as a planetary roller screw. In order to reduce the overall actuator dimensions, either the nut or screw can be directly used as a push tube, with the load acting directly on it.

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Customized Designs

Moog is the ideal partner for co-designing the perfect screw for each machine. Our extensive customization capabilities and design expertise allow us to adapt our screws to existing machine layouts, as well as facilitating a greater configuration freedom for brand new projects.


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