Radial Piston Pumps

Printed Circuit Boards

Moog is the leading supplier for Radial Piston Pumps (RKP) worldwide. This mature and robust product has been used for decades and runs today in over 100,000 machines in various applications around the globe. It is widely known for its rugged and reliable design. 

The RKP is available in seven sizes ranging from 19 cm3 to 250 cm3 and with variable displacements. The latest generation of RKPs have been optimized to ensure durability and low noise levels, following extensive in-house testing and offer low flow and pressure pulsation.

The pump’s robust design makes it particularly suitable for demanding industrial applications in the plastics, metal forming and press, heavy industry, marine and test sectors. It is the product of choice for operational settings that require highly dynamic control of hydraulic flow and pressure, and can be combined with other RKPs or pumps with standard interfaces.


Radial Piston Pump Categories

Radial Piston Pump

Custom Circuit Boards
  • Available in sizes 19, 32, 45, 63, 80, 140 and 250 cc per revolution
  • Proven, robust design for long service life, low noise and high energy efficiency 
  • Suitable for use in demanding operational environments with a broad range of special fluids 
  • Explosion-proof versions available

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Radial Piston Pump with Digital Control

Rigid and Flexible Tape
  • Digitally controlled via a fieldbus interface or by analog command signals 
  • Compatible with several PLC architectures
  • Fast and convenient commissioning, diagnostics, and configuration with Moog configuration software
  • All relevant parameters are displayed graphically and may be modified easily

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Software and Firmware

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