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Point of Use, Time of Need Supply Chain™ cloud-based solutions that can provide digital asset provenance and traceability across a distributed network.

About VeriPart®

Cost effective, on demand provenance for applications where trust and performance really matters.

VeriPart® is a revolutionary process to implement high integrity single-order supply-chain solutions that are trusted, traceable, open, easy to use, fully serialized, and attributable to their owner. Additionally, VeriPart® reduces the potential for counterfeit, ensures the original manufacturer retains design ownership, and can aggregate and reward intellectual property from all the stakeholders. Utilizing VeriChain™, a secure, trusted, supply chain marketplace powered by Blockchain technology, VeriPart® end items are guaranteed authentic and hold traceable certification pedigrees for all requirements, intellectual property, processes, and materials used to produce them.

VeriPart® Features


  • Distributed in Blockchain linked data guarantees fully traceable authenticity on a part-by-part basis
  • Secure public-private key encryption protects data and identity, restricts access to only those authorized


  • VeriPart®, an open industry standard for the world’s top suppliers


  • Cloud based, enabled by leading edge Blockchain technology
  • Access from mobile devices, desktop, shop floor, etc.
  • Point of Use, Time of Need Digital Supply Chain™ solutions


A Secure Process for Additive Manufacturing Digital Supply Chain

Moog has participated in the development of VeriPart®, leveraging the expertise of Moog’s experience producing precision parts in a highly regulated environment, using world class quality systems approved for aircraft certification. VeriPart® is a Point of Use, Time of Need™ cloud-based solution.