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Power Generation Steam Turbines

Improving metering and positioning capabilities for steam turbines.

Our Technology

We design and manufacture custom solutions based on loading, speed and price considerations, using hydraulic, electric or hybrid systems to meet your specific application.

Our technology includes:

  • Governing valve servo-actuators
  • Low, intermediate, and high-pressure servo actuators
  • Intercept and recycle steam control servo actuators
  • Steam stop and steam emission valves

Support & Upgrades

In addition to complete positioning systems, we supply mechanical and electrical feedback servo valves for new actuators, and retrofits for installed units. Digital valve upgrades can offer significant gains in diagnostic capabilities. Older equipment can possess features and connectivity capabilities of newer turbines for a minimal investment.

Optimize your Steam Turbine Operations with Moog Global Support

Moog Global Support can help you minimize downtime and maximize the return on your gas and steam turbine equipment.  We offer a range of service and repair programs to support your planned or forced outage needs. Factory repairs, field service support and advanced exchange units for many products to facilitate an effective and efficient outage to best suit your facility schedule.  Visit our Moog Global Support site for more information.

How can we help you?

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