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Delivering proven technlogy and technical expertise for long life solutions.

Leading the way with innovative technologies

Over the last 65 years, our engineers have developed the capability to design and manufacture the most advanced motion control products for applications where precise control are critical. The Moog portfolio of products includes all forms of actuation technology, sophisticated control electronics and system solutions.

Our strategy is to supply solutions that are robust, reliable and supportable.  Our products reflect the culture that our global workforce embraces -- a culture where the opportunity to solve challenging problems is always welcomed. 


Helping our customers to develop solutions for next-generation applications.

Moog leads in process knowledge, equipment capacity, and design capabilities in metal additive manufacturing (Metal AM) as a key capability to help solve our customers’ motion control challenges.  Our new state-of-the-art facilities are Centers of Excellence, providing the highest quality and innovation in the whole process from design through production to post-processing.  Backed by solid engineering support and in-depth additive and subtractive production experience, we work with our customers to use Additive Manufacturing to help create a competitive advantage  for your next generation equipment and new projects. 

  • Opportunities to use additive manufacturing to reduce package size for downhole systems
  • Capabilities include black-box design, material qualifications, advanced process troubleshooting, and state-of-the-art inspection"

Condition Monitoring

Technology to avoid downtime.

For many applications, the cost of downtime can be significant. Access to installations can be difficult due to environmental conditions and geographical location. The cost for service may be costly and unplanned downtime may have downstream effects. A suite of unified condition monitoring products has been developed by Focal to help users predict maintenance intervals and remotely monitor the condition of their installed equipment. Products are available for: 

  • optical condition monitoring of the fiber optic cable
  • electrical slip rings and rotary joint condition monitoring


Hydraulic technologies that we incorporate in a variety of solutions include:

  • Actuation – Linear and Rotary
  • Closed-loop Control – Ex-Proof Servo valve and proportional valves including digital control valves, radial piston pumps
  • Systems - Integrated Hydraulic Manifold System
  • Electronics and Controllers – Designed for HTHP conditions

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