Injection Molding

Moog has long been the leader in providing motion control for the high performance axes on injection molding machines around the world. When a machine builder needs higher productivity, better control, faster injection rates or better quality finished parts, they turn to Moog for a range of flexible solutions ranging from world-class products to specialized systems.

From the injection axis to the ejector axis to the clamp axis, Moog offers proven expertise in providing solutions using both hydraulic and electric technologies. Our deep knowledge of the plastic industry applications allows us provide machine builders with servo-control products and systems that are flexible for molding a variety of high quality parts including complex end products with thin wall and technical parts.

Moog’s solutions for the injection molding machinery include:

  • High performance hydraulic Servovalves and Proportional Valves including the newest axis control options with advanced algorithms for better control
  • Radial Piston Pumps which have long been the heart of many injection systems due to their reliability, low noise and ideally-suited performance
  • Servo motors and Servo drives for high performance servo-control with the speed and performance required for complex molding
  • Flexible and easy- to-use Machine Controllers to provide total control with an operator-friendly interface
  • The Speed Controlled Pump System reduces energy usage by up to 30%—while also lowering the total cost of ownership. See article entitled More Control, Less Cost: Inside the Moog Speed Controlled Pump System which discusses our experience with testing this system on a customer’s hydraulic machine.

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SMC, Moog Partner on Electric IBM's

Read about an innovative motion control application with Moog and SMC Corp., one of Thailand’s largest makers of extrusion and injection blow molding (IBM) machines in a recent issue of Blow Molding Magazine.  Moog helped SMC upgrade its machines from hydraulic to electric power and the customer realized energy savings, better accuracy and repeatability, shorter cycle times and easier maintenance. 

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