Hydraulic Manifolds

Moog Manifolds are custom designed and built for each customer's specific application, thus the circuit logic and functionality of each manifold is engineered to meet exact performance, safety and mounting requirements. Moog manifolds can be combined with high performance servo cartridge valves, servo valves, hydraulic power units (HPU), test controllers, and hydraulic actuators.


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Hydraulic Service Manifold

The Moog Hydraulic Service Manifold (HSM) provides on/off isolation control for test systems or individual hydraulic actuators. 

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Modular Hydraulic Service Manifold

The Moog Modular Hydraulic Service Manifold (M-HSM) provides off/low/high controlled hydraulic pressurization and is available in a variety of design configurations that can be quickly adapted to a variety of hydraulic test systems.

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Integrated Hydraulic Manifold System

Self-contained hydraulic manifolds reduce envelope size, piping, and overall system costs in a complete system solution.

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Off-Axis Load Abort Manifold

Moog Off-Axis Load Abort Manifolds are designed to work with test actuators and controllers to create a controllable abortion scheme to unload the energy from the test articles and rig to protect them from possible damage.

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Hydraulic Distribution Manifold

Moog Hydraulic Distribution Manifolds (HDM) are commonly used to address hydraulic power distribution for aerospace, automotive and other test systems.

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