Industrial Machinery Service and Support


With of thousands of products in the field, Moog has been the chosen supplier for new machines and presses for many of leading industrial machine builders. As your equipment become faster, requires higher efficiency, enhanced productivity and safety, Moog offers a range of servo and proportional valve upgrade solutions to meet your exact specification needs. Best of all these digital or analog upgrade options offer complete compatibility with your existing control systems and feature reliable, long-life performance that you have come to expect from Moog components.

Moog also specializes in providing retrofits to upgrade older machines with the latest technology for more energy efficiency, enhanced performance and longer service life.

To keep your business running, Moog offers spare parts and exchange programs to ensure your machinery and presses are operating at peak performance. Onsite field service and hands-on training can supplement your operations & maintenance (O&M) teams with installation, commissioning, set up and troubleshooting support.