Global Protests: We’re All In This Together

Moog Chairman and CEO John Scannell and Moog’s Corporate Officers issued the following letter to employees on June 2, 2020:


This is a pivotal time of unrest across the US and the world. We see issues of racial disparity dominating headlines with anger and frustration reaching a boiling point in our communities. We realize you might be feeling outrage, grief, or fear over these events. We want to acknowledge your feelings in these already stressful and challenging times, and provide our perspective as the leaders of your organization.  


As people, as a community, and as a global society, we must all stand together against hatred and discrimination. We are all equals and must afford one another dignity, respect, and care.  In the wake of recent events and subsequent protests, now more than ever is the time for us to re-emphasize our company’s core values of trust, respect, and integrity, and play a more active role across our company to break down barriers and inequities, so that all our employees can thrive.


At Moog, we stand against racism, injustice, and violence. We’re All In This Together. To stand together, we must stand up for one another. We must all aspire to be respectful, open, welcoming, and inclusive of everyone’s individual differences. Let’s continue the conversation, listen to each other, work together to find solutions, and bring about meaningful change. 


As leaders of your company we are exploring ways to further build our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and foster an environment where everyone feels respected, included, comfortable, and empowered to bring their whole, authentic self to work every day.  Moog’s success has been, and will continue to be, built on the type of innovation that comes only from unique perspectives.


Everyone benefits when we work in an environment that is free from bias and discrimination and where prejudiced behavior is not tolerated. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to protecting our culture and embracing everyone who works here.


Ann Marie Luhr

+1 716.687.4225