DS2100 Servodrives

The DS2100 is Moog’s new fully digital servodrive that was developed as an extension of Moog’s successful DS2000 range of digital servo controllers. Like the DS2000, the DS2100 provides full digital control of brushless servo motors and delivers a technologically advanced system with excellent cost, performance, reliability, and flexibility. The DS2100 utilizes high power microprocessors to deliver significantly increased current, velocity, and position performance that is demanded by many modern applications. In addition to increased performance, the DS2100 also provides a full range of interfaces to servomotors, feedback devices, and higher-level controllers.

Key Features:

  • High performance loop closure via full digital control
  • Advanced resolver demodulation for high performance at lower cost
  • Wide range of interfaces to servomotor feedback devices
  • Support of industry standard digital serial interfaces
  • Integrated universal power supply
  • 7 programmable digital inputs
  • Hardware enable input
  • 3 Digital outputs
  • Drive ready output
  • Brake control output

General Characteristics

The DS2100 Servodrive integrates the following functions:

  • Advanced resolver interface yielding 15 bits of useful position information
  • Encoder interface (incremental, SSI, Hyperface and Endat)
  • 7 segment display for error & status information
  • Fully configurable digital loop closure for current, velocity, and position
  • Velocity loop closure bandwidth of over 400Hz

CANOpen Interface

A full CANOpen interface to the CiA specifications DS301 and DSP402a is provided. This interface provides support for the following modes:

  • Factors (allows the use of engineering units)
  • Direct torque and direct velocity
  • Profile velocity and profile position
  • Interpolated position
  • 10 homing modes


Robert Morgan, Product Line Manager, Global Drives based in Moog Italiana Srl in Casella, Italy.