Guidelines for Hazardous Environment Product Selection

How do you know if an environment requires special electrical or hydraulic safety equipment? When it is required, how do you select the right type?

There are no easy answers to these questions, but here are some guidelines to help.

  • There are different directives for hazardous environments depending the part(s) of the globe where the apparatus is to be employed. For example, the United States directive is different from Europe, which is different from Canada, which is different from the Pacific. Each country and industry many require unique or multiple approval markings.
  • If you are working in areas with vapors, dust, or fibers, your application is associated with a specific zone or division. The exact type of vapor, dust or fiber narrows the safety approval to a particular group. If this has not sufficiently confused the issue, you still must determine what the maximum operating temperature will be.

DO NOT GIVE UP! These questions have been asked many times over, consequently many charts and roadmaps exist to help with these issues. There are many good websites with a wealth of information and background materials on the regulations in each country. (See Hot Websites)

  • The energy levels and response time requirements and cost issues must always be considered when selecting the right product. For example, "over-protection" may be the best option when only safety is considered but it may come at a high additional cost. Each factor must be carefully considered when arriving at the optimal solution. Many of the approval agencies and safety product manufacturers will provide hands-on assistance to help you plan your overall system. A well-designed system is the goal and there are many resources to help.
  • When you have identified the correct classification you will need, you can call a Moog application engineer in your local area to determine which product best suits the project at hand. With vast experience in designing, testing and applying products, Moog can work with you to customize solutions that will meet your needs.