Proper Selection of Rack and Pinion Actuators

Specifying the proper actuator to maximize the cost benefit is best done in the early stages of design. Working with a base set of questions as shown on the application specification guide can open a dialog to improve the motion control achieved through proper actuator selection. The actuator like the rest of the hydraulic system needs to be properly sized to take into account static and dynamic torques due to gravity as well as energy and inertial loading created from the acceleration and motion profile desired.

Filling out the “Application Specification Guide”   is a good beginning in working with the Moog Flo-Tork application team to help build the proper motion control system. The actuator since it is the prime mover will help shape the selection for all subsequent components in the system. With information provided we can work with customers or other Moog personnel to eliminate problems in the early stages of the design. This will offer our customers more of the complete package for motion control systems.

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Allen Ruef has been with Moog Flo-Tork for 5 years as an Application Engineer and currently as a Senior Sales Engineer. Allen has a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and 15 years experience in Industrial Automation utilizing pneumatics and hydraulics