5 Ways Moog Can Help You Make an Easier Switch to Electric Actuation

Moog technicians and engineers are often asked by customers for help in transitioning an application from hydraulic to electric. With a large team of application engineers with great expertise in both hydraulic and electric technologies, the first step usually involves working with the customer to analyze which technology is best for the application. Looking at the forces involved, power requirements, and operating environment as well as each customer's expectations such as lifespan, lifecycle costs and maintenance programs, the answer is always unique to each machine, application and company.

Moog Electric Linear Servoactuation Package is a pre-engineered system consisting of an electric actuator, servodrive and integrated software.

Based on lessons learned from working with many companies who have successfully made the transition from hydraulic to electric, Moog has developed an Electric Linear Servoactuator Package solution that combines performance with ease of installation. Here are 5 ways Moog can help you to make the easy switch to electric actuation.

# 1 - Complete package, ready to use out-of-the-box

The Moog Electric Linear Servoactuator Package is a pre-engineered system consisting of an electric actuator, servodrive and integrated software. Because the entire system is sized to fit the specific machine application, it is much simpler to integrate than an assortment of components would be. Based upon the analysis of the application, we recommend either a standard or a flexible package depending on the configuration, size and strokes needed.

A Standard Linear Servoactuation Package is available in three motor frame sizes that can cover most applications with a continuous force to 28 kN (6,200 lbs), stroke lengths of 150 and 300 mm (5.9 and 11.8 ins) and rod speeds to 600 mm/sec (24 in/sec). If other performance characteristics are needed our Flexible Linear Servoactuator Package has a wide range of choices, including four actuator frame sizes and two styles, and speeds up to 1,600 mm/sec (63 in/sec), forces up to 96 kN (21,500 lbs) and stroke lengths up to 2,500 mm (98 in).

# 2 - Quick and easy to install

One of the hurdles to successfully installing an all-electric system is matching the performance of a variety of components. If just one component isn't precisely matched to the performance of the others, the engineer risks extended downtime and even damage to the machine itself. The Moog package has been pre-engineered for optimal performance which means, in most cases, the customer can manage their own engineering with little or no assistance from the outside. This makes installation faster, easier and more cost-effective.

# 3 - Saves time and added costs

To further minimize application and installation time, Moog has created sizing software that takes the guesswork out of the planning process and helps ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance for the life of the machine. Moog's new software can easily specify the linear electric actuator solution that meets each machine's technical requirements. For example, the sizing software defines system parameters including:

  • motion profiles
  • force requirements
  • operating temperature
  • orientation of installation
  • system lifespan
  • and more

# 4 - Easy to commission and safeguards your investment

Another key element of the Moog solution is the flexible commissioning software. This software helps the system operate more efficiently, delivering the exact performance characteristics and flexibility for the application. And a user-friendly control panel affords ease of set-up and troubleshooting. The result of this sophisticated software is faster commissioning with less technical support required.

# 5 - Total support

While the Moog solution is designed for ease of installation and simplified, high-performance operation, support is always available when needed around the globe. Moog has been at the forefront of electric technology for more than 25 years and our experienced engineers are always ready to work with you to provide unsurpassed technical expertise and proactive support.

Moog has several servodrive options that you will work with this servoactuation package. Contact your local office to learn more about the servoactuation package that will best meet your requirements.


Don Bockhahn is the Electro-Mechanical Actuator Product Application Manager for Moog Industrial where his responsibility is to introduce the electric actuators product line to distribution channels as well as develop various applications for customers. He has worked in Engineering and Sales positions for a variety of motion control companies as well as electric actuator manufacturers.