Webinar Shows Why Quality Servo Valve Repairs are Key to Combatting Unplanned Maintenance Delivering High-Performance Machine Productivity

18 September 2017

In a free webinar on Sept. 28, 2017, engineering and maintenance experts from Moog and Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research, Inc. will present a customer case study showing how maintaining servo and proportional valves reduces repair and replacement expenditures, trims O&M costs and boosts machine productivity for managers, technicians and engineers. Westmoreland – which runs a global operation testing materials for the aerospace, automotive, nuclear and medical industries – operates more than 250 servohydraulic test frames that perform tensile, fatigue and thermal testing.

“Westmoreland has seen its repair and replacement expenditures drop 52 percent by implementing a three-pronged approach to MRO optimization, focusing on inventory, repairs and trade-ins of it servo valves,” says Steve Beddick, regional sales manager for Moog and a webinar co-presenter. “Managers, buyers, technicians and engineers will learn about this and other Westmoreland maintenance practices for improving servo valve reliability.”

“Most servo valves fail because people don’t maintain the proper level of cleanliness in the fluid … a tell-tale sign of test rig failure,” adds webinar co-presenter Gerald Claycomb, hydraulics and electronics maintenance repair manager at Westmoreland. “I’ll share more insights about maintenance practices, including how we keep our machines running at peak productivity.”

Joining Beddick and Claycomb for the webinar are Moog technical services manager and engineer Ron Gramza and Moog senior design engineer Mark Ludlow. Webinar attendees will also learn why:

  • The servo valve is critical for machine productivity, and
  • Repair and planned maintenance is important to reducing downtime

To learn more and register for the webinar, visit https://bit.ly/2vU5Ls1