Moog’s new software helps test operators set up rigs for faster, more informative tests. New oscilloscope plotting helps with efficiently tuning test rigs

East Aurora, N.Y. – March 24, 2021 – Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), a designer and manufacturer of high-performance motion control products and solutions, has released a new Moog Integrated Test Suite software (version 3.24) for its Moog Test Controller to give test operators a way to easily tune their test rigs and, once tuned, extract deeper insights about strength, fatigue or noise-vibration-harshness tests.  

“With new features like our oscilloscope plot types, lab personnel can more easily tune their rigs, find specimen resonances or pinpoint the frequency content of signals,’” said Erwin Frederiksen, Moog’s Automotive Test Consultant in Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands. “The setup screens make it very easy to learn of any problems with an ongoing test so lab technicians can take corrective measures quickly.”

For example, test operators can tap into Moog’s updated Test Suite software to directly connect to a specific test station or open a specific project they’re working on. The software’s user experience includes quickly creating desktop icons and automatically connecting to the desired station, so operators avoid mistakes and save time. Other newly designed features include:

  • Kinematics – With drag-and-drop, users can easily link hardware inputs and outputs to a model for setting up hexapod or bi-axial test rigs.
  • Oscilloscope Plot Types – Operators can monitor the frequency of signals by amplitude and spectral density and adjust resolution for clarity.
  • Statistics Widget – Lab workers can organize a large number of signals to simultaneously monitor during testing.

The Moog Test Controller and newly released software version 3.24 are exceptionally reliable for running complex, months long tests or simple checks for a product line like an end-of-line damper test. The updated Test Suite also helps a test engineer achieve a stable and flexible software platform, properly tuned to run cycle tests to one with drive files. The way in which Moog’s controller and software version 3.24 integrate with existing test systems also spells low operational costs for lab managers, higher productivity and a greater degree of insight into how tests are progressing. Moog’s controller and software bring lab managers and engineers precision, in part, by delivering high, internal sampling rates and a 64-bit signal resolution for controlling and recording data. 

Example: Amplitude Spectrum one plot which is of two new oscilloscope plot types added for frequency monitoring of your signals

Moog Test Controller Showing a Typical Software Application

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