Moog Inc. and Polar Technology Management Group Ltd collaborate on Hydrogen Storage Solutions

East Aurora, NY (June 19, 2023) – Moog Inc., in the UK, has developed a novel concept in hydrogen storage and is working with Polar Technology Management Group Ltd to develop an integrated hydrogen storage and management solution termed “Hydrogen in a Box”. The system, developed for use in commercial aircraft, is based around optimal packaging efficiency, gravimetric efficiency, and the ability to integrate valves and control systems into one optimized solution.

A six-month long technology evaluation process has been completed and test hardware will now be manufactured. The design has been evaluated as Type 3 and Type 4 versions for both 350Bar and 700Bar applications.

Kieran Burley, Lead Engineer at Polar Technology said “This is a very exciting time to be working on hydrogen storage solutions, there are so many opportunities for innovation, optimization and integration. Combining novel design solutions along with innovative manufacturing processes we can package hydrogen storage efficiently in a series of co-dependent chambers forming a storage bank, rather than fitting a number of standard independent cylinders into the space.”

Mark Lawton, Moog’s General Manager of the Aircraft Control Components division stated, “It has been great for Moog to collaborate with Polar in providing novel methods to efficiently store and release hydrogen in mission-critical environments. This project is an integral part of Moog’s commitment to develop future green technology for commercial air travel.”

The joint project will establish an appropriate specification and set of system-level requirements for hydrogen storage and delivery systems for aircraft and other Industrial applications.


Polar Technology Management Group Ltd is an engineering business providing technology-based solutions at the leading edge of composite and metallic technology.

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