Matrix Optoelectronic Transceiver

Matrix Product

Moog Protokraft Matrix series octal port (16x fiber) optical fiber transceivers consist of 16x optoelectronic transmitter or receiver functions integrated into a bulkhead mounted MIL-DTL-38999, series III receptacle connector.

The electrical interface to the Matrix series octal port optical fiber transceivers is a controlled impedance Samtec® connector enabling interface to a ribbon coax cable or flexible printed circuit assembly.

Though lightweight and small (51 x 51 x 53 mm), the electro-optical conversion of 80 GB of data is possible in the most rugged environments.


  • Up to 16xTX or RX functions in a rugged metal housing with D38999 connector interface
  • D38999 size 23 / 21 shell with M29504 / 04 multimode or single mode (1.6 Gbps) fiber optic contacts
  • Compact size and light weight for simple mounting and installation
  • Suitable for GbE, Fiber Channel, ARINC 818, DVI, sFPDP and other applications from 125 Mbps to 10.3 Gbps
  • Optical fiber link distances up to 550 m (50 / 125µ 2000MHz*Km MMF) @ Gigabit data rate
  • Maximum optical channel bit error rate less than 1x10-12
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  •  Shock, vibration and immersion resistant per MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-1344
  • Aluminum alloy D38999 housings are strong, durable, corrosion resistant and lightweight

Note: Other wavelength, mounting and port count options are available.

Samtec® is a registered trademark

Typical Applications

Matrix series bulkhead mounted optical transceivers enable extremely high speed digital communications over long distances in harsh environments.

  • Gigabit Ethernet switches and peripherals
  • Fiber Channel switches and peripherals
  • Video displays and display drivers
  • High speed sensor data links
  • EW Equipment
  • FPGA integration