Size 11 Digital Resolver

Model DRBB-11-AA-01AA

Moog’s size 11 digital resolver is a compact, low-cost angular position transducer with DC input and digital output. No external circuitry is required – simply energize with ±5 VDC and obtain 12-bit serial data for direct computer interface, or the A Quad B and North Marker outputs of an incremental encoder. 

Brushless resolvers are superior to encoders in terms of ruggedness, size, accuracy and resolution. Resolvers perform efficiently under temperature extremes, humidity, shock and vibration.

Model DRBB-11-AA-01AA requires two power supplies and two inputs and provides four outputs, all of which are TTL compatible. RS-422 differential line drivers / receivers and operation from a single 5 volt supply are available options.


  • Size 11 heavy-duty brushless resolver
  • Totally digital input / output
  • Absolute position data output
  • 12-bit resolution standard
  • Maximum system error of ±15 arc minutes
  • Incremental encoder with A Quad B and North Marker outputs
  • 1024 line incremental resolution standard
  • High readout rate
  • Mechanical modifications to order



Dynamic Performance
Rotational Speed 375 rps max. (Intermittent Duty)
Setting Time 7 ms (1° step) 20 ms (179° step)
Life 16,000 hours at 80 rps
Mechanical Characteristics
Termination 12 inch min. #28 AWG (7 / 36) type ET leads in accordance with MIL-W-16878 / 6–BCB. Lead and connector variations available.
Shaft End Play .0015 max. spring loaded toward front end
Shaft Radial Play .0005 max. when measured next to bearing with an 8 oz reversing gage load
Input Current 35 mA
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Weight 142 grams (typ)

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Typical Applications

• Position and velocity sensing
• Brushless dc servo commutation
• Robotics and factory automation
• CNC machine tools
• Material handling
• Medical devices