Portable Valve Checkers

Valve checkers are a cost-effective method for evaluating valves in the field. They provide a quick and easy means of differentiating between hydraulic and electronic problems. Different models have different levels of capability and flexibility to meet your specific requirements. All valve checkers have a compact, easily portable design.


G040-123 Portable Valve Checker


  • Provides testing hydraulics independent of electronics
  • Field checks most Moog Electrical Feedback (EFB) valves
  • In-line operation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Build-in LED spool read-out
  • Fixed cables and connectors
  • Models available for specific connector/supply combinations
  • Test points to monitor command and spool signals
  • Standardized 10V representation of command and spool, regardless of the actual signal type
  • CE marked and EN 60204-1 compliant


  • Assists in the commissioning and testing of Moog Electrical Feedback (EFB) servo valves, servo-proportional valves and direct drive valves
  • Rapid problem identification
  • Minimizes machine downtime