Rotary Solenoids

Moog rotary solenoids are on most of today’s commercial airliners. Although the cockpits are complete with digital gauges, nothing catches the pilot’s eye like a moving red flag. Our rotary solenoids, with a red flag on the rotating shaft, are still preferred. We also make rotary solenoids for camera shutters and other industrial applications.


Moog’s solenoid line provides you with all facets of motion control utilizing the latest solenoid technology. In addition, our innovative engineering team is available to provide customized applications. We can provide an existing design from our many years of manufacturing experience, or we can design and build a solenoid for your specific application and space availability.


  • Armament Equipment
  • Cockpit Locks
  • Electric Door Locks
  • Fuel Management
  • Ground Vehicles
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical Flow Controls
  • Medical Imaging Device Locks
  • Missile Launchers
  • Pilot Safety
  • Remote Control Units
  • Safe and Arms Controls
  • Shutter Actuators

Models and Specifications


Model Description Stroke Dimensions (in) Dimensions (mm)


Rotary Actuator 60 degree rotation 0.464 diameter x 1.640 length 11.78 dia. x 41.66 length
4440 Rotary Solenoid ± 60 degree rotation 0.490 diameter x 0.791 length 12.44 dia. x 20.09 length
4480 Rotary Solenoid ± 60 degree rotation 0.490 diameter x 0.866 length 12.44 dia. x 22.00 length