Safe and Arm Devices

Moog is the original designer and manufacturer of the Zero Retention Force Arming Unit. We worked with McDonnell Douglas to design an arming unit that could not be inadvertently armed by the circumstances that occur during flight and landings on aircraft carriers. These devices provide zero retention force on a standard .060 diameter arming ring (they will not bind and accidentally arm the bomb because of wind drag). When actuated, these units will support a 600 pound weight suspended vertically (the pin or lanyard will not pull out accidentally). Operating at a voltage range of 18 to 30 VDC, they are used in critical situations and are designed and manufactured to work every time.




  • Bomb Arming Devices



Model Description Stroke (in) Stroke (mm) Dimensions (in) Dimensions (mm)
SR15400 Solenoid Zero Retention Force 0.15 3.81 3.34 x 2.41 x 1.86 84.80 x 61.18 x 47.22
C62183 Solenoid Zero Retention Force 0.17 4.31 2.50 x 1.30 x 0.90 63.47 x 33.00 x 22.85