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Moog has been on the forefront of blow molding technology since the infancy of this industry, providing hydraulic servovalves, machine controllers and hydraulic actuators for parison control for machine builders. Today, as technology shifts toward servo electric control, Moog engineers help machine builders solve the technical challenges of power and velocity on high-tonnage machines. The result is solutions that reduce noise, deliver cleaner operation, and lower energy costs, all while maximizing clamp force and requiring less floor space.

We have developed specialized products and systems for all applications on the machine from wall thickness control to the parison axis to the blow pin axis to the ejector axis. Our deep expertise in motion control solutions, familiarity with specialized blow molding applications and worldwide presence make us the ideal partner to solve even the toughest challenges in this demanding industry no matter what the technology. From world-class hydraulic servovalves and actuators to ourelectric actuatorsservomotorsmachine controllers, and customized software, our solutions meet our customer’s needs for ever higher productivity and quality.

Higher Productivity

  • Customized non-linear actuators provide speeds up to 1.6 m/s on the mold and carriage axes and provide clamping force up to 80 tons
  • The Moog Machine Controller provides a repeatable process with higher output through constant monitoring of the quality process, easy adjustments without stopping production, and simple programming on the fly

Higher Quality

  • Moog actuators control wall thickness through precise horizontal and vertical parison control and Moog’s Machine Controller controls up to 12 programmable axes for wall thickness with adjustments on the fly
  • Moog hydraulic servo valves and Moog servomotors and servodrives provide the most effective means for precise control on any blow molding machine axis

Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Operation

  • In industries like pharmaceuticals, food, automotive, and medical, a cleaner operation is critical when trying to eliminate risk of contamination of plastic material. All-electric motion control is the answer
  • Moog’s electric solutions for the blow pin axis can save up to 40 percent energy costs than traditional solutions while offering a smaller footprint that takes less floor space

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SMC, Moog Partner on Electric IBM's

Read about an innovative motion control application with Moog and SMC Corp., one of Thailand’s largest makers of extrusion and injection blow molding (IBM) machines in a recent issue of Blow Molding Magazine.  Moog helped SMC upgrade its machines from hydraulic to electric power and the customer realized energy savings, better accuracy and repeatability, shorter cycle times and easier maintenance. 

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