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Moog offers components to complete propulsion system solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. From propellant tanks to valves, thrusters, thrust vector control and beyond, Moog delivers flight proven propulsion hardware for every stage of a mission. 

Space Propulsion Solutions

Propulsion Systems

Complete propulsion systems for spacecraft are used to accelerate the spacecraft for orbit-insertion, station-keeping, or attitude control.

Satellite Propulsion Components

Reliable components and subsystems for chemical, electric and cold gas propulsion systems, designed for small to large satellites.

Launch Vehicle Components

Components and subsystems for launch vehicles regulate propulsion and pressurants for SRBs, main engine and upper stage engines.

Xenon Thrusters

Moog cold gas thruster valves are direct-acting, solenoid actuated devices with a nylon poppet which is integrated in the armature/poppet assembly. In the de-energized closed position, the armature/poppet assembly is held against the seat by a conical spiral spring.

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