Moog Celebrates 20th Anniversary in China

28 December 2017

Shanghai, China . Today Moog marks 20 years of doing business in China with a celebration recognizing the contributions of its employees, business partners and customers during the past two decades. Moog established Moog Control System Co. Ltd. in 1997 in Shanghai to begin developing business on the Chinese mainland.

In 1998, Moog opened its first factory in the Jinqiao Export Processing Zone in Shanghai to provide customers with a local presence for repairing servo valves. Since that time, Moog has passed dozens of milestones including: Opening a warehousing, logistics, and sales distribution facility in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in Shanghai in 2003; starting a sales office in Beijing in 2006; and launching the new factory in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in 2007 for manufacturing some of the world’s most advanced wind energy, aerospace and automotive test, and simulation solutions.

In China, Moog supplies products, services and solutions such as:  Hydraulic servo valves for steel mills; electromechanical multi-axis motion-control platforms for testing automobiles and automotive components; hydraulic and electromechanical technology for industrial automation; pitch control systems to wind farms in locations such as Inner Mongolia; motion systems for level D full flight simulators; and motion control solutions for high-tech amusement park rides.  Services ranging from express repair to on-site commissioning help our customers to maximize uptime and get more from their machine investment.

“Our twenty years in China show a commitment to developing long-lasting relationships with customers, partners and employees. We are indebted to our employees for their loyalty and hard work in growing our business in China,” said Pat Roche, president of Moog Industrial Group.

“Today, we have more than 200 employees in China serving more than 4,000 customers. As China’s industrial manufacturing expertise has grown, Moog China has developed to meet the country’s needs,” said Dave Fijas, group vice president and general manager of Industrial Solutions & Services Business at Moog Inc. “Moog may be a multi-billion-dollar, multinational company, but it’s also a local company in China with a Chinese team focused on solving our customers’ motion control challenges here every day.”  

Caption: Moog Industrial Group Ieadership team celebrated the 20th anniversary at a ceremony in China, with Chinese employees, local government official and delegates from customers.

From left to right in the photo 1. Vice President of Yan Shan University, PhD supervisor, Professor Xiangdong KONG 2. Vice President of Moog Industrial Group, General Manager of Moog Industrial Solutions & Services, Mr. Dave Fijas, 3. Global President of Moog Industrial Group, Mr. Pat Roche 4. Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Group Co., Ltd,  General Manager of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone United Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Wei Li 5. Vice President of Moog Industrial Group General Manager of Moog Industrial Products & Services, Mr. Pim Van Den Dijssel 6. Deputy General Manager, Centre Testing International Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Alex SUN