Moog Opens New Facility to Design, Manufacture and Test Servo Motors, Actuators and other Electro-Mechanical Products in Bangalore, India

22 March 2018

Moog opened the Moog Electro-Mechanical (EM) Solutions India Pvt Ltd. factory in Bangalore’s Dabaspet Industrial Area to produce servo motors actuators and other EM products. The newly opened facility occupies 2,972 sq m (32,000 sq ft) and specializes in the manufacturing and testing of Moog’s new Large Motor Solutions for the global market.  This facility will help expand Moog’s offering of EM products for Asia Pacific and will provide customers with the system integration of motion control products.

“The new facility will be our ‘House of EM Solutions,’ catering to a range of motion control requirements for companies across Asia,” said Paul Murphy, group vice president of Motion Control Products for Moog, at the opening ceremony on Feb. 22, 2018. “Products and systems designed, manufactured and tested in this facility serve the servo press, wind turbine pitch control and industrial automation markets in India and around the world.

“Moog supports the ‘Make in India’ initiative, and this facility will provide additional employment opportunities in India to manufacture EM products to support our motion control business in the coming years,” added Murphy.

Moog’s presence in India began in 1991 with the opening of a technology center and servo motor production facility in Bangalore’s Electronic City. The Moog EM Solutions factory is Moog’s fourth facility in India.

“This facility represents the continuing expansion of our capability and capacity in the area of electro- mechanical motion control,” added Andrew Barrett, general manager for Electro-Mechanical solutions for Moog, who traveled from his base of operations in Cork, Ireland, for the ceremony.

Moog designed and built the facility with a robust infrastructure and generator capable of high-power system testing needed for large motor solutions. Moog’s Large Motor Solutions are newly designed primary motion systems that include high-power servomotors, servo drives, controllers, energy management systems, and power supplies capable of delivering up to 1 MW. The facility’s solutions offer high power and high dynamics for greater machine productivity and a scalable system architecture and customizable hardware to provide flexibility for customers such as servo press OEMs.

“We have adopted the full spectrum of lean manufacturing concepts in building this facility, especially its production line; we’ll be able to test large motors and conduct detailed qualifications,” said Venkatesh R, general manager for Moog in India. “This facility is also an important part of a supply chain able to meet customers’ global delivery time frames and uptime expectations.”


Caption: The entrance to the Moog Electro-Mechanical Solutions Pty facility in Bangalore. (Source: Moog)

Caption: Moog Vice President Paul Murphy speaks at the opening of new facility in Bangalore. (Source: Moog)

Caption: Moog technician with Large Motor Solutions. (Source: Moog)