Moog Awarded F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Work, in Australia, for Moog Hardware

Melbourne, Australia, VIC, Australia, February 20, 2019

Moog Australia Pty. Ltd. has been successfully named as Australia’s preferred, in-country repair, overhaul and upgrade facility for the F-35 Electrohydrostatic Actuator (EHA), Leading Edge Flap Actuation System (LEFAS), and the Wingfold Actuation System (WFAS).

Moog is among seven companies, including BAE Systems Australia, Northrop Grumman Australia and General Electric Aviation, to share in Australia’s Asia-Pacific Regional assignment by the F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO), to provide Component Maintenance Repair and Overhaul services, in the next round of assignments, for 343 out of a possible 388 components.

“The F-35 will play a key role in Australia’s future Defence strategy and Moog is proud to be supporting this endeavor in-country by providing our cutting edge technology from the U.S. to Australia, allowing us to build sovereign capability to support the F-35 fleet. Developing this capability is part of Moog’s ongoing commitment and support to Australian Defence,” said Bryan O’Connor, Managing Director, Moog Australia.

Work will be performed at Moog’s facility in Melbourne, where for the last forty years they’ve made significant contributions to Australian industry and the Australian Defence Force.  Moog is proud to expand its offerings in-country and contribute to Australia’s sovereign capability by supporting the F-35 Program.

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