Linear Mechanical Actuators

Linear Mechanical Actuators are used as a mechanism to translate mechanical motion (often rotary) into linear motion.  Unlike hydraulic or electromechanical actuators, they derive their power from an external source.

Moog's heritage covers a wide variety of linear mechanical actuators and transmissions.  Military aircraft applications include leading and trailing edge designs, while civil aircraft applications generally include business jet flap actuators and commercial trailing edge flap transmissions.  Moog provides linear mechanical actuators with high-reliability ball screw and nut assemblies, no-back assemblies, and torque limiters.

Linear Mechanical Actuation Applications

Conventional Actuators

Representative linear actuator for outboard flap control on a business jet.

Specialty Actuators

Moog F-35 Bearing Swivel Module

Compact telescoping linear actuator for slat control on large military transport.