Aircraft Mechanical Actuation

Mechanical Actuators translate mechanical motion (often rotary) into linear motion or, with the help of gearing, into rotary motion at a different speed.  These actuators are typically part of a more extensive system which includes a power drive, mechanical interconnects, and feedback devices to control the motion of multiple devices.

Moog has been a leading supplier of mechanical actuators for more than 50 years.  Over time, we have assembled a broad portfolio of products and applied the technology to diverse applications.  While most of our heritage was derived from mission-critical aerospace, the core technology has been successfully applied in applications that require high performance and reliability.

Mechanical Actuation Applications

Linear Mechanical Actuators

Custom linear mechanical actuators available with high reliability ball screws and nut assemblies, no-back assemblies and torque limiters.

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Rotary Mechanical Actuators

Our expertise encompasses a variety of designs including hinge-line actuators and simple or compound planetary designs.

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Power Drive Units

Electric, hydraulic and hybrid power drives are available with associated drive control electronics.

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Transmission Components

Our heritage includes angle boxes, torque tubes, flex shafts and steady rests to interconnect power drives to actuators, brakes, and position sensors.

Brakes & Feedback Devices

Asymmetry and overspeed arresting brakes, speed and position sensors.

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