Utility Actuation

Moog's high reliability actuators and actuation components are used to satisfy a wide variety of application in the aerospace market.  By using off-the-shelf solutions or leveraging proven building blocks we are able to meet the most challenging program constraints including weight, reliability, cost and schedule.

Our products are in operation aboard thousands of aircraft and have been used in the following utility applications:

  • Cargo Door 
  • Landing Gear Extension/Retraction
  • Wingfold/Bladefold
  • Payload Stabilization and Aiming
  • Air Inlet
  • Steering & Braking

Cargo Door

Hydraulic, Geared Rotary or Electromechanical Actuators to meet unique application requirements.

Landing Gear

Actuators and actuation control products for Nosewheel Steering and Landing Gear Extension/Retraction

Payload Stabilization and Aiming

Rotary and Linear Electromechanical Actuators for Steering and Stabilization

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