Vibration Controls

Moog has been an innovator in active vibration control for more than 30 years. In our system, pairs of counter rotating force generators are placed at select locations on the airframe. The frequency and phase of the actuators are controlled to inject forces which cancel the rotor-induced vibration.

Our active vibration control solutions have been flight-proven on a wide number of military and civil aircraft. Our patented technology delivers more force-per-pound than competing technologies, thereby delivering better performance at lower weight.


Vibration Control Actuation Technologies

Counter Rotating Force Generators

Each pair of counter rotating force generators is able to deliver up to 1000 lbF over a frequency range of 9 to 25 Hz.

Related Industries

Black Hawk

Moog is the OEM for a number of different systems on the UH-60 Helicopter.


Designer and manufacturer for helicopter flight control, vibration control and utility actuation products for more than 50 years.