Heavy Duty Hydraulic Actuators

Moog hydraulic rack and pinion rotary actuators provide high performance, long lasting automation for both existing and new industrial and valve applications.



Product Features

Available Options:

  • Customer Specified Rotational Arcs – From 30 to 450 Degrees (depending on model)
  • Decelerating Cushions
  • Stroke Adjustors
  • Cushion and Stroke Adjustor Combinations
  • NPT or SAE O-Ring ports
  • End and Side porting
  • Mounting Arrangement Variations
  • Shafting Variations
  • Custom Sealing Arrangements
  • Special Coatings and Corrosion Protection
  • Air Bleeds
Standard Design Features  
Heavy Duty Hydraulic 3,000 psi maximum operating pressure
Torque Range 900 to 600,000 lb-in @ 3,000 psi
Standard Rotations 90, 180, 360 degrees
Rack & Pinion High Mechanical Efficiency
Zero Leakage High Volumetric Efficiency
Anti-Friction Bearings High External Load Capability
Gearing Single Tooth Full Load Capacity
Through Shaft Position Readout Source
Minimum Breakaway Pressure 50 psi
Operating Temperature Range 0 - 200 ° F