Megatork® Hydraulic Rotary Actuators

Moog “Megatork®” line of hydraulic rotary actuators provide the high output torque ranges required for the most demanding industrial and valve applications.



Product Features

Available Options:

  • Adjustable Cushions
  • Tie Rod or Mill Type Cylinders
  • Custom Rotational Arcs
  • Custom Mounting Arrangements
  • Custom End Cap Valves and Ports
  • Self Contained Hydraulic Power Units
  • Custom Mountings
  • Custom Shaft Configurations
  • Custom Designs for pressure, torque, and dimensional requirements
  • Custom Corrosion protection
  • Designs for 4:1 pressure vessel safety factor
Standard Design Features  
Heavy Duty Hydraulic 3,000 psi max.
Torque Range 1,000,000 - 50,000,000 lb.-in.
Standard Rotations 90, 180, 360 degrees
Rack & Pinion High Mechanical Efficiency
Zero Leakage High Volumetric Efficiency
Piston Seals Pre-Loaded Lip Seals
Gearing Single Tooth Full Load Capacity
Hollow Shaft Eliminates costly couplings
Compact Design Highest torque per cu. ft. of space