Cavitation Sensor for Cooling Systems

Various sensor technologies have been designed to minimize the risk of cavitation events by attempting to detect cavitation as it happens. However, these existing cavitation sensors are actually only designed to detect the symptoms of cavitation, such as vibration, noise, or pressure fluctuations.

Yet by the time these symptoms appear, extensive damage may have already occurred,  resulting in costly unplanned downtime. 

Unplanned downtime can cost data centers an average of $5,600 per minute.* Penalties for missing uptime targets can be in excess of $1,000 per minute.*

SysGuard cavitation sensors are different.

Moog has been designing ultrasonic sensors for use in life-sustaining medical systems for several decades. Our new SysGuard cavitation sensor builds on our ultrasonics sensing expertise and proven performance to deliver a revolutionary method for detecting cavitation and preventing damage.


Real-time data

The sensor actively detects cavitation in real-time, providing instant and actionable data that can help prevent damage before it occurs.



Due to its patent-pending design, the sensor is not susceptible to external “noise” and provides clear data on cavitation events.



The sensor delivers reliable performance with a long-life expectancy and does not require recurring preventative maintenance.



The sensor can be installed anywhere in the system that may generate cavitation. Sensor sensitivity and alarm thresholds can be adjusted to meet your unique requirements.



Installation is easy. There is no specialized software to install or complicated algorithm calculations to implement.


Cost savings

Real-time detection of cavitation helps to avoid catastrophic system damage and reduces expensive unplanned downtime.

Caviation sensors

SysGuard sensor transducers are located in the fluid path of a connector tube. The tubing connectors are available in a range of diameters and a variety of connection types, including barbed fittings for flexible tubing, sanitary flange connections, and female / male NPT pipe connections.


Download the SysGuard cavitation sensor to view additional technical specifications.

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