Ultrasonic Sensors for Medical Applications

LifeGuard Air Bubble Detectors

Extremely accurate and non-invasive ultrasonic air-in-line sensors that integrate application flexibility with proven, reliable performance. Thousands of Moog ultrasonic sensors are used in medical devices every day to protect patients from air bubble infusion, ensure accurate fluid delivery, and monitor fluids. 

Learn more about LifeGuard Air Bubble Detectors at moogultrasonics.com/medical-sensors

LifeGuard Point Level Sensors

Designed to provide precise, non-invasive, continuous fluid level monitoring in a small and versatile package. The LifeGuard Point Level Sensor provides continuous liquid level monitoring and can be mounted using our unique disposable, self-adhering mounting bracket, or by integrating the sensor into the customer’s product. 

Learn more about LifeGuard Point Level Sensors at moogultrasonics.com/medical-sensors