Ultrasonic Sensors

Advanced Sensing Technology for Medical Applications

Thousands of Moog ultrasonic sensors are used in medical devices every day to protect patients from air bubble infusion, ensure accurate fluid delivery, and monitor fluids. 

Moog's Engineering team specializes in custom ultrasonic sensor development, however, we also carry some off-the-shelf ultrasonic sensors for common tubing sizes/reservoirs as well as for prototyping. The LifeGuard® line of ultrasonic sensors and sensing capabilities offer the perfect starting point for your engineering projects.

LifeGuard® Ultrasonic Air Bubble Detectors

Moog engineers design and develop extremely accurate and non-invasive ultrasonic air-in-line sensors that integrate application flexibility with proven, reliable performance.

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LifeGuard® Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Moog's ultrasonic level sensors offer precise and non-invasive technology to monitor key fluid levels in reservoirs.

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