Data Center Cooling Pumps

Moog‘s sealless pumps are fail-safe and hot swappable so there is no down time or powering down should a pump need to be changed.  Moog integrated the rotor magnetics and the impeller into a single piece to both minimize the size of the pump and eliminate moving seals. These pumps are paving the way for the liquid cooled IT industry and data center cooling solutions.


  • High reliability 
  • Long life 
  • Robust, compact construction 
  • Proven technology 
  • Sealless 
  • Adjustable speed

Sealless. Leakproof. Reliable


  • Data center electronics cooling 
  • Chemical pumps 
  • Cryogenics 
  • Petrochemicals 
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotech 
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
Moog Rekofa Slip Ring 5030882 Product Photo