Model 180 with FORJ


Focal electrical optical swivels have served the marine industry for over 20 years.

The ESR portion is comprised of electrical power and signal passes. Ideal for small systems, it is a compact, rugged unit designed for harsh operating conditions. For the hazardous area environment, there is an option for a fully certified, flameproof enclosure. When underwater operational capability is required, it can also be configured for use as a fluid-filled, pressure compensated unit.

The fiber joint portion can be configured with many of Moog’s single channel or multi-channel singlemode or multimode catalog fiber joints. Our FORJs are capable of working with all fiber types, sizes and wavelengths and meet insertion loss performance typical of customer requirements. In addition to FORJs operating at standard wavelengths for data communication, FORJ versions have been developed to work with optical sensors with enhanced optical loss and return loss over a broader range of wavelengths. Moog has been the leading supplier of FORJ products to the marine industry for over 20 years with many thousands of products delivered to the oil and gas markets. For the oilfield market, products are designed to be robust and weatherproof with all models being shock and vibration tested and options for operating fluid-filled and pressure compensated.


  • Electrical passes rated to 1000 V / 7 A
  • Hazardous area certification available
  • Pigtail exits are capable of being sealed to IP66 standards
  • Can accommodate a variety of wire and cable types
  • Rugged design intended for harsh environments
  • Reliable operation under shock and vibration
  • Combined with Fluid Rotary Unions (FRU), see Model 200


  • Compliance with the highest quality standards for design, manufacture and test
  • Maintenance free operation
  • More than 20 years of proven field performance
  • Integration with FORJ and FRU to provide a complete rotating interface solution
Electrical Slip Ring Components Specifications
Voltage Maximum 1000 VAC
Current Maximum 7 A per pass
Maximum 100 A total current
Contact Resistance 20 mΩ nominal
Insulation Resistance Minimum 500 MΩ @ 1 kVDC
Rotation Speed
Maximum 100 rpm
Ingress Protection
Sealed to IP66, except for pigtail exits
Operating Temperature
-20°C to +55°C 1
Stainless steel (304)
Insertion Length “L”
Varies with number of electrical passes
Standard Terminations Wire pigtails, 4 ft [1.2 m], exiting via 1/2” or 3/4” NPT female ports
Special Supply and installation of connectors, terminals, conduit, cable, glands, junction boxes, sealed pigtail exits
1 -20°C to +40°C for a hazardous area certified Model 180-X under Canadian jurisidiction

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