Silencer® Series Brushless DC Frameless Motors

Often a customer's application already involves extensive mechanical assemblies and also requires an electric motor (pumps, fans, compressors, etc.). When it does not make sense to implement a fully housed motor, rotor-stator part sets are a viable and economical solution. Moog provides a wide range of standard brushless DC frameless motors that are custom configurable to meet each requirement.

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Product Listing

Model 3D Model
BN17-15ZA-[ ]LH
BN17-15ZA-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN17-20ZA-[ ]LH
BN17-20ZA-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN17-25ZA-[ ]LH
BN17-25ZA-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN23-13ZMG-[ ]LH
BN23-13ZMG-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN23-18ZMG-[ ]LH
BN23-18ZMG-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN23-23ZMG-[ ]LH
BN23-23ZMG-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN23-28ZMG-[ ]LH
BN23-28ZMG-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN28-21ZP-[ ]LH
BN28-21ZP-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN28-29ZP-[ ]LH
BN28-29ZP-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN28-36ZP-[ ]LH
BN28-36ZP-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN28-44ZP-[ ]LH
BN28-44ZP-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN34-25ZP-[ ]LH
BN34-25ZP-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN34-35ZP-[ ]LH
BN34-35ZP-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN34-45ZP-[ ]LH
BN34-45ZP-[ ]LH 3D Model
BN34-55ZP-[ ]LH
BN34-55ZP-[ ]LH 3D Model