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Motor Product Selector

Unfortunately, this tool is currently not available. We are already working on a solution. Please use the "Contact Us" function to get in touch with us.

Find the right motor.

Moog’s latest online Motor Product Selector is designed to make selecting the right motor quick and easy. We understand the challenges of finding a motor to optimize your motion system’s performance. This tool allows you to compare various motor models to determine the correct match. Data sheets are available for quick reference. For more information, explore our Brushless Motors and Servo Motors.

How to use this tool:

  • Go to Input Filters and set units first to preset input units and the input/ output format.
  • Select a Category and continue with entry of mandatory and/ or optional inputs.
  • If you need any help with inputs, press the corresponding blue icons.
  • At lower output speeds (< 500 rpm), you can apply gearheads by selecting this option.
  • Push the Start search button on the Input Filters tab. You may need to push this button twice to complete the search.
  • On the Search Results tab you can review and compare selected motors or to generate technical data sheets.