Sabre 11-02 Optoelectronic Transmitter / Receiver

Sabre Optical Transceiver

Moog Protokraft Sabre size 11-02 optoelectronic components integrate high performance fiber optic transmitter and receiver functions into an EN3645 size 11-02 cylindrical connector intermateable with the ELIO® size 11-02 fiber optic plug connectors. The multimode optical fiber interface supports applications where copper cable link distance, bandwidth, weight or bulk make the use of twisted pair, twinax or quadrax copper conductors unacceptable.

The optical mating interface to the Sabre series D38999 size 11-02 ELIO® optical transmitters and receivers is an ELIO® D38999 / EN3645 fiber optic cable plug per EN 4531. The electrical interface to the Sabre series D38999 size 11-02 optical transmitters and receivers is a 12-position PIN header suitable for thru-hole soldering to a flexible or rigid printed circuit. 


  • Compliant with ARINC 664, 818, 801, 803 and 804
  • Suitable for Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 1x / 2x / 4x Fiber Channel or sFPDP data links
  • Applications from 100 Mbps to 10.3 Gbps
  • Operating temperature range from -55°C to +85°C
  • Shock and vibration resistant per RTCA / D0-160E
  • ARCAP contact insert meets stringent EMI / RFI / ESD and EMP performance specifications
  • 12 pin PCB footprint for attachment to customer flexible or rigid printed circuit board
  • ELIO® connector interface per EN4531 / 4626 / ARINC 801
  • Mates with D38999 size 11-02 ELIO® plug connectors per ABS1213 / 1379
  • Compliant to NGVA standard

Note: Other wavelength, mounting and port count options are available.

ELIO® is a registered trademark of Esterline Souriau

Typical Applications

Sabre series printed circuit board mounted optical transmitters enable high speed network communications over long distances in harsh environments.

  • Fiber Channel switches and peripherals
  • Serial Rapid I/O (sRIO) interfaces
  • sFPDP data links
  • Video displays
  • Ethernet applications
  • HD / SDI applications
  • FPGA integration