Floating Production Systems (FPS)

We design, manufacture and deliver unique Floating Production System swivels to meet the demanding requirements of offshore operators worldwide. Typically comprised of Electrical Slip Rings, Toroidal Fluid Swivel and Fiber Optic Rotary Joints, swivels are used in a variety of Floating Production Systems (FPS) including buoys, turret moorings and offshore loading towers.

FPS swivels permit the continuous delivery of electrical power and signals, hydraulic fluids, and fiber optic signals, with unlimited freedom of the vessel to weathervane about its mooring point. All FPS swivels are approved by a marine authority and are certified for use in hazardous locations.

Model 912 - OEO Converters

Available in Eurocard sizes for 3U racks, the Model 912 – OEO Converters are used for boosting optical signals, converting between single-mode and multi-mode signals, optical multiplexing to reduce fiber counts and modifying media from copper to fiber and vice-versa.

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