Pressure Tolerant / Pressure Balanced Oil Filled

Moog offers pressure tolerant electronics and optical products for use in subsea applications. Pressure tolerant products are capable of withstanding the high pressures of extreme ocean depths. There is no need for a large and expensive pressure housing to protect the parts from the high pressure.

Since 2007, we have been providing pressure tolerant solutions for video, HD video, Ethernet and serial with thousands of products in the field. Optical transceivers are available in singlemode single fiber (bidirectional 1310 / 1550 nm) or singlemode dual fiber (18 CWDM wavelengths) up to a data rate of 4.25 Gbps.

With a standard depth rating down to 4000 m (6000 psi / 430 bar), and options for increased depth, pressure tolerant products work in the deepest applications. All product undergo rigorous qualification as well as production testing at pressure.

The pressure tolerant products need to be enclosed in a subsea junction box filled with a pressure compensating fluid, typically oil. Compatibility with many oils used in the marine industry has been tested.

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  • Electronic products available for analog video, HD video, Ethernet, and serial
  • Optical multiplexers available for WDM and CWDM
  • Optical transceivers available in singlemode, single fiber, dual fiber and up to 4.25 Gbps


  • Reduced cost of subsea enclosures (oil filled junction boxes versus 1 ATM pressure housings)
  • Reduced cost of subsea connectors
  • Oil-filled boxes enable connectors to be used on all sides