907-HDM2 Multiplexer


The 907-HDM2 is an expandable High Definition (HD) Video Multiplexer that provides transmission of up to two HD-SDI camera signals along with four on-board serial channels (RS-232/485) for camera controls (e.g. pan and tilt) and sensors. Dual HD inputs on the remote card support connection of two HD-SDI cameras with either one channel at full 4:2:2 sampling and the other sub-sampled at 2:1:1, or both channels sampled at 4:1:1. The 4:2:2 channel can be selected via diagnostic software.

The 907-HDM2 can be used as a standalone card or stacked with a wide range of 907 expansion cards available in a variety of formats, including RS-232/485/422, TTL, Ethernet, CAN Bus, analog sonar, hydrophone, audio, and Tritech ARCNET. It may also be optically integrated into a larger 907 system via CWDM modules. Optical power budgets are typically 20-26 dB over 10 km of singlemode fiber. Enhanced diagnostics are supplied by on-board LEDs and through a dedicated Ethernet link when used with a diagnostics card (907-DIAG-E) and corresponding graphical user interface (GUI) software.

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  • Dual HD inputs include cable equalization and reclocking to improve recovery of low level or distorted input signals
  • Regenerated HD-SDI outputs to minimize jitter
  • Interchangeable SFP transceiver
  • 4x on-board bidirectional serial channels (RS-232 or RS-485)
  • Compatible with 907-DIAG-E diagnostic card and Graphical User Interface (GUI) software
  • Rugged design for harsh environments
  • Supports up to six 907 expansion cards


  • Reduces cost and size for systems with need for combined data and HD video
  • Supports a wide range of optical options, including CWDM wavelengths
  • Simplifies troubleshooting with advanced diagnostics
  • Maximum jitter margin available for cabling

Typical Applications

  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and tether management systems
  • Pipe inspection robots
  • Bomb disposal robots
  • Video security systems
  • Tactical networks and defense systems
  • Industrial process control
  • Remote HD video for television


907-HDM2 Specifications
No. of Channels 1 or 2
Format HD-SDI (SMPTE-292M) @ 720p, 1080i and 1080p
Data Rate 1483 or 1485 Mbps
Input Buffer Adaptive cable EQ and reclocker
Output Voltage 800 mVpp nominal
Impedance 75 Ohms, input/output
Modes* Dual Video, optimized (default):
1 x 4:2:2 and 1 x 2:1:1 or 2 x 4:1:1
with serial/backplane data, no ancillary data

Dual Video, full HD-SDI:
2 x 4:2:2
no serial/backplane data, no ancillary data

Single Switched Video, full HD-SDI:
1 x 4:2:2 (2 inputs)
with serial/backplane data, with ancillary data
No. Channels 4
Format RS-232, RS-485 (selectable)
Data Rate 120 kbps NRZ max.
Optical Fiber 1 or 2 singlemode (9/125 µm)
Baud Rate 2.5 Gbaud (3.125 Gbaud optional)
Wavelength 1310/1550 nm standard
(CWDM optional, 1471 - 1611 nm)
Flux Budget > 20 dB (24 dB typical)
Power Voltage +5 VDC +/-10%, regulated
Current Draw 1.3 A typical (2 A max.)
Power Used 6.5 W typical (10 W max.)
Voltage Protection Overvoltage and reverse polarity
Current Protection Time delay fuse (3 A)
Dimensions PC/104 (form factor only)
Weight 125 g (0.27 lb), including SFP
Optical Dual LC (SFP)
Video Mini-SMB (75 ohm)
Data (Serial) 2 x 8-pin Molex (Micro-Fit Series)
Power 2-pin Molex, 0.156 inch pin spacing
Stacking Header PC/104 (for stacking 907 cards only)
Temperature -10°C to +60°C (operational)
-20°C to +85°C (storage)
Humidity 85% RH, non-condensing
Vibration 5 g, 25-1000 Hz, 3 axes
Shock 30 g, 11 ms, half-sine, 3 axes
LEDS Power (electrical), optical link, optical fault, serial Tx/Rx, video status
Ethernet to PC Diagnostics from remote and console through 907-DIAG-E card at console
*Factory configured modes



Technical Support

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